Ruzan Ghulyan

Introducing: Ruzan Ghulyan

Can you briefly explain your background?

I have obtained my Master Degree in Economics and have received my Ph.D. at the Armenian State University of Economics. My student years were very enriching, filled with significant achievements, scholarships, participation in various conferences, participation in publication of the student magazine, and other activities that helped me gain knowledge and skills that I later applied in my work.

Before joining BV Armenia, I have worked at HSBC Bank in Armenia for 11 years, where I have developed skills, such as working under pressure, multitasking, attention to details, problem-solving, and providing high-quality customer service.

Describe your role at BV?

At BV, which published and manages ASWA website (Armenian Single Window for Automotive), I started as a technical support specialist in 2019, then worked as a quality assurance specialist, and currently I am holding the position of operations manager. 

The purpose of my activity is to continuously increase the level of customer service, identify the needs of customers and team members, and support the implementation of necessary trainings. To achieve my purposes, I perform analysis of client-opened tickets, surveys with both clients and team members, perform database analyzes in an attempt to identify market trends, presenting proposals where necessary, the implementation of which will contribute to industry reform, product development and increased customer satisfaction.

Elaborate an experience in BV that you feel empowered.

Working at BV has empowered me by providing a creative and relatively free approach to my daily work. I'm surrounded by colleagues and management who respect each other and collaborate for maximum efficiency. We have a fantastic working atmosphere that helps us to overcome any challenges.

What do you want to advice to other women?

My main advice to other women is: never give up. Be courageous and educated and you will be intelligent and strong enough to do any work that can be done by men. Just believe in yourself, put in it the necessary effort to achieve your dreams, work with love, stay positive, help others, share your knowledge, make others happy, and you will surely reap the rewards.