Reach registration

REACH Registration

Companies should comply with regulations to export their chemical products to EU. EU and national legislation, registration of substances (REACH), classification & labeling of products, product / CLP notifications, national product registrations, Safety Data Sheets for export countries and product labels are requirements to be align with regulations.


To protect the human health and environment, REACH Regulation has been adopted and developed in EU. The four main elements of REACH are registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals. As a qualified partner for REACH, Bureau Veritas supports companies for elaboration of documents, applications and registrations to authorities, third party correspondence with authorities, suppliers and clients.


your challenges

Companies need to register their substances and able to do this, they need to work together with other companies who are registering the same substance. All chemical substances imported above 1 Tons per year shall be registered at European Chemical Agency (ECHA). Authorities can ban hazardous substances if their risks are unmanageable. They can also decide to restrict a use or make it subject to a prior authorization.

how we support you?

Bureau Veritas has strong experience to offer highly competent consultancy regarding REACH. Our services include:

  • Strategic advisory within REACH
  • REACH screening & mapping (requirements & opportunities)
  • REACH training and risk assessment
  • REACH pre-analysis
  • REACH registration
  • Surveillance of REACH legislation and REACH-IT account
  • Only Representative (OR)
  • REACH safety data sheets (CLP and GHS format as well)
  • Preparation of dossier in IUCLID format
  • Correspondence with authorities and suppliers (Supplier Requirements etc.)

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