failure analysis bureau veritas


Failure analysis is a critical process to determine the root cause reason as to why a material or product has failed.

These products are asually mechanical by nature such as valves, pipes, heat exchanger tubes, cranes, welds, corrosion, etc.

The benefits of conducting such an approach helps our customers learn from the past and prevents reoccurrence of failures by finding solutions to problems through our recommendations. This therefore improves their processes to achieve operational, safety, and qualitative excellence.

At Bureau Veritas, our failure analysts conduct an in-depth discovery phase of the circumstances surrounding the failure by gathering background information related to the operation, design and composition of the failed component.

As part of the process, several metallurgical destructive tests as well as non-destructive tests may be performed on the failed components by our metallurgists to determine the physical properties, which are in-turn interpreted by the failure analyst to determine the cause of failure. The interpretation of the results plays an important role in the overall analysis.

Some of these tests include:

  • tensile testing,
  • replication,
  • chemical analysis,
  • SEM examination,
  • hardness testing, etc.

Our Failure analysts are recognized as some of the most trusted in their field by providing reliable services for a variety of clients in the Oil & Gas, Logistics, Aerospace and Construction industries.