The energy transition is well underway, as the power industry moves toward a low-carbon future. With a track record of more than 250 Gigawatt (GW) in Offshore & Onshore Wind and Solar, we are proud to support major power players worldwide. We achieve this by leveraging our expertise in improving the safety and performance of renewables projects.



Today, the power and utilities industry is rapidly reinventing itself. Your challenge is to develop innovative renewable energy projects, while ensuring the safe, reliable operation of conventional power assets during the transition.


Building on over a century of history in the power sector, we now have more than 25 years of wind and solar expertise as well. Across all continents, we have been involved in 3,000+ onshore wind and solar projects in 50+ countries. Additionally, we have worked on more than 50 offshore wind projects, among them major industry flagship ventures.

We are committed to supporting the power sector in accelerating the energy transition. We do this by offering a range of solutions that tackle immediate and future challenges around renewable energy development and operation.


Offshore wind

For offshore wind developments across all relevant markets around the world, our support starts from the design verification stage. We offer:

Project certification
Supply chain quality management of turbine components
Project management assistance
Construction supervision
Commissioning support

Onshore wind

We support onshore wind projects across all project stages: feasibility, design & permitting, procurement, construction, and operation. Our goals are to reduce risk, prioritize HSSE, and maximize performance of your assets. Our services include:

Site assessment
Environmental impact assessment
Design review
Project management assistance
Owner’s & lender engineering
Site inspection
Condition monitoring & assessment
Asset integrity management

Photovoltaic solar

Through our integrated component inspection, testing and certification services, we support your solar photovoltaic (PV) projects through the entire solar panel procurement process. From manufacturing to operation, our services include:

Yield calculations
Design verification
Project management
Commissioning support
Condition monitoring
Performance optimization
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Oil condition monitoring for wind turbines

We are the industry leader in Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) services for wind farms to help prevent catastrophic failures that incur costly repairs. This service helps you identify problems within your machinery components, before they escalate. By analyzing oil samples to verify that traces of sub-surface metals do not exceed established thresholds, we can help you act early, and avoid major repair or shutdown.

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