Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy


Middle Eastern countries are shifting toward renewable resources for energy generation. The region’s abundant solar potential make renewables one of the fastest growing energy sources for electricity generation in the region.

Bureau Veritas provides a range of services that ensure solar and wind energy projects are viable and meet all relevant regulatory requirements.


Bright and long hours of sunlight across the Middle East means the region is well-suited for solar photovoltaic (PV) production, as well as concentrated solar power (CSP). 

On the other hand, solar projects in the region are also known to be challenging to implement, due to specific regulatory requirements and vulnerability to sandstorms. Bureau Veritas provides solutions and ensures compliance at all stages of your project lifecycle, from design to operation.

We have a full range of testing, inspection, and certification services including conformity assessment, and verification that will guarantee your solar power operations are safe, compliant - and commercially viable.

  • Solar energy project assistance: We offer our expertise and support at every step of project implementation, from concept to completion, so your shift to renewable is feasible and successful over the long term.
  • Solar supply chain services: We provide conformity assessment services throughout the solar supply chain so you can trust the manufacturing quality of panels, equipment, and other components in your installations.
  • Solar plant construction inspections and verification: We offer a range of conformity assessment services, from materials testing, to equipment safety testing, to full site inspection. Our complete advisory services, including safety and environmental audits, and maintenance programs, provide all the support you need to develop and safely run solar projects that meet compliance requirements.
  • Solar Farm aerial inspection

We work with you to build commercial viable wind power potential 

Like solar energy, wind is a proven source of renewable energy, but onshore and offshore wind energy projects require complex installations subject to specific regulations. We can help you ensure the quality and compliance of your wind energy projects meet required standards for their full lifecycle.  

Our range of certification services support you with the diligence needed to ensure your wind energy operations run smoothly and safely while meeting compliance regulations.  

  • Wind energy studies: The wind energy project implementation services we provide are based on the latest technological studies, to better help you mitigate risks and determine the feasibility of your project.
  • Wind turbine certification: We help you bring your wind turbines up to international standards, so that when you undergo compliance testing, your equipment has the technical requirements needed to demonstrate and prove their safety.
  • Wind supply chain conformity assessment: We offer a range of services to ensure your suppliers adhere to safety and social responsibility standards and provide high quality technology, equipment, and components, so you can deliver a reliable final product to your buyers.
  • Construction site inspection: Before you begin the commissioning phase of your wind energy project, we provide assessment services to determine and ensure the quality and safety of all of your installations so your launch is a success.
  • Operational safety: We provide a complete range of services to maintain the condition of your wind energy project over the long term so it remains safe, runs efficiently, and consistently meets compliance standards.