Independent Safety Assessment for Railway Systems & Independent Checking Engineers (ICE)

Any development or modification of a railway system requires the identification and control of safety risks that may be generated by users and operators. Therefore, the organisation in charge of the development or the modification of a railway project (light rail transit, metro, or high-speed line) has the responsibility to manage safety and must guarantee relevant activities are compliant with the international standard EN 50126. This requires setting up a safety organisation, which manages risks during a project’s duration and demonstrates the safety level achieved.

Strong expertise on system and subsystem assessments

To provide safety insurance to a national safety authority, operators, or railway manufacturers, can ask for an Independent Safety Assessment (ISA). The ISA mission provides an authoritative, independent opinion on whether or not a project/system will meet its safety requirements. In some countries, this mission is required by the authority.

We assess global transportation systems, as well as subsystems, according to international railway standards (EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129), for:

  • Rolling Stock
  • Signaling Command & Control
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Maintenance
  • Operations

To guarantee an exhaustive and coherent assessment, the ISA will be on-going throughout every project phase, from conception, to operation and maintenance. The ISA methodology is based on safety documentation reviews, safety audits and traceability checks.


  • We are recognised

    as a Safety Assessor by national railway authorities in several countries and as a worldwide symbol of your organisation’s ongoing commitment to excellence, sustainability and reliability.

  • We are experienced

    and thus recognised by the main actors of the railway industry. We are known for:
    o Expertise of control-command / signaling (CBTC, ATP, ATO, ETCS, ERTMS, Interlocking)
    o Strong competencies in global system transport, infrastructure, signaling, rolling stock and energy
    o Over 20 years of providing safety assessment of railway systems

  • We are accredited

    for safety assessments of guided urban transport, conventional and high-speed networks.