GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS transport monitoring based on a web platform and Android application.

We install GPS beacons on your vehicles and manage them via our online platform BVTrack and its Android application. Clients can take advantage of a turnkey service with equipment and access available for customs, security authorities and private operators, ensuring optimal physical and electronic traceability for land transport.


BV Track

With the ever-increasing number of GPS beacon manufacturers and their variable shelf life, we have chosen to develop our own independent software solution – BVTrack. It works with all beacons and can be easily integrated into potential single windows or third-party systems.

Our solution is designed to be sustainable and scalable to technological and geographical challenges. To protect your interests, we have constructed:

  • BVTrack Web Platform

The platform works with all types of beacons, allows corridor definition (waypoints, stops, duration, etc.) and ensures real-time monitoring of alarms (exits, stops, speeding, etc.), while maintaining the history and traceability of each transport.

  • BVTrack Android Application

This innovative tool allows you to manage your beacons, as well as activate and associate them with their transport. The app helps take pictures of departure and arrival and track the status of transits and alarms.

BVTrack Android Application


To ensure the safety of your data, our platform is hosted in France, which means you benefit from French and European data protection laws. We can accommodate in the country or system of your choice.


  • World-renowned

    independent operator.

  • Technology independent

    of the GPS tag manufacturers.

  • Tools easily integrated

    in the supply chain and potential Single Window.

  • Simplified

    and automated processes with our Android application.

  • End-to-end service

    (supply, configuration, training, operations, and maintenance).

  • A large variety

    of performance indicators.