Why join us at BV?

Our people: focused on our clients, driven by serving society

Every person who joins Bureau Veritas becomes part of a Business to Business to Society company. Together, we form a diverse community of over 84,000 employees in 140 countries whose ultimate vision is to address major societal challenges to Shape a World of Trust.

Our people: The company's most valuable asset

As a service company, our reputation, our added value, and our development depend largely on our expertise, our knowledge, and our ability to support our clients. Continuous learning and ongoing development and growth are the foundations from which we build. This is why at Bureau Veritas we strive to attract, develop, and retain the best people. Our company’s growth and organizational resilience enable us to invest in learning and development for our people so they can become even more effective, knowledgeable, and relevant in meeting and anticipating our clients’ needs.

a common culture unıtıng our people

Our 84,000 employees are united by our Values and Absolutes that are at the core of Bureau Veritas’ identity. By definition, the Group’s mission of Shaping a World of Trust requires independence, impartiality, and integrity. For this reason, Ethics is one of our three Absolutes, together with Safety and Financial control. The same ethical principles guide the actions and behaviors of all people at BV, whether they work in a laboratory, an office, at our clients, in a factory, or on a construction site.


Our people draw on their knowledge and expertise to support our clients throughout the world, supporting them to reduce risks associated with health and safety, quality, environmental protection and human rights. Our daily work spans across multiple sectors and markets, and our expertise responds to major challenges ranging from the energy transition to new forms of mobility, including best business practices and the resilience of supply chains. To work in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) is to be at the forefront of the societal challenges of today and tomorrow. The breadth and depth of our knowledge and services represent an undeniable competitive advantage for Bureau Veritas as a service company. And for our employees, it is a unique opportunity to leave their mark and have a positive impact on both people and the planet.


Being part of Bureau Veritas means supporting our clients in their approach to Sustainability. It also means putting Sustainability at the heart of our own company’s shared culture and learning programs. Sustainability and being a responsible company are at the heart of our business, and we hold ourselves to account in the commitments we make to our clients, shareholders and to ourselves, and ensure we act consistently and in full alignment with the expertise and the services that we offer.

The commitment of our people enables us to put our CSR strategy Shaping a Better World into practice. The Group has set itself very ambitious CSR goals for 2025. These include increasing female representation in leadership, lowering our accident rate, reducing our carbon footprint per employee, and ensuring each employee is trained on our Code of Ethics. To achieve our CSR goals, we continue to boost skills and reinforce a common culture around Sustainability.