Bureau Veritas Certification

We operate globally and hold 60+ accreditations to deliver locally accredited certification and verification services. As a global leader, we offer a large range of customised certification and audit services related to quality, health & safety, and environmental and social sesponsibility.

Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS France: ISOTS 16949 (IATF), CDM (UNFCCC), SA8000 (SAAS), ISO9001, ISO14001 (ANAB), IRIS (UNIFE), FSC® (ASI).

Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS UK Branch: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22001, FSCC, BRC, ISO27001, EMAS, EN9100/9110/9120, EUETS (UK).

Delivering Added Value through Innovative Solutions & Services  

We are strategically positioned to deliver innovative solutions based on your unique needs, and are committed to bring you added value through our seamlessly integrated global services. You can select from our solutions portfolio whatever your industry including aerospace, automotive, agro-food, railways, chemical, and more. We also offer the option to combine certifications, incorporating a wide range of recognised standards and bringing you consistency, optimisation and efficiency. Based on our proven expertise, we have created VeriCert®, our risk-based audit approach, as well as VeriSelect®, our services certification.

World-class companies in over 100 countries have selected us as their certification services provider of choice.

 Our Core Values and Process 

One of our core values and a key element to our code of ethics is impartiality. We safeguard the impartiality of our solutions and services in order to protect our credibility, ensure customer satisfaction at all times, and comply with the rules of accrediting and regulatory bodies.

We have defined and maintain a strict impartiality policy and monitor this closely through impartiality committees established worldwide.

Our Certification Process

We have designed global processes for certifications that are in line with professional standards and international rules. Upon contacting us, you will learn about the main steps and processes associated with our certifications, as well as your rights and obligations when applying for management systems and personnel certifications. We make this information publicly available for interested parties in countries where we operate.

We ensure that all our employees are not submitted to any commercial, financial and/or other external pressure. Bureau Veritas also commit to a clear and transparent payment and performance evaluation process for all our employees. Neither the number of audits nor the result of audits our auditors have participated in have any bearing on what they are paid.

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Our Clients

We have certified more than 80,000 companies. To learn if a company is certified by our certification process, or to know more about the status of a certified company, please contact your local Bureau Veritas Certification office in the country where the company in question is operating, including enquiries on certified clients and on granted, suspended or withdrawn certificates.

Complaints & Appeals

The needs and requirements of our clients remain our top priority. Any dissatisfaction concerning a certified client or the certification body is treated with the utmost seriousness and is responded to promptly. Should you wish to issue a complaint/appeal, click here. 

Complaints and Appeals Management for Forest & Wood Certification (V2-0 - February 2015) (English)
Complaints and Appeals Management for Forest & Wood Certification (V2-0 - February 2015) (Arabic)

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