Bureau Veritas Pipeline Integrity Management System

Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS)

Major accident hazards are inherent to oil & gas asset operations, including pipelines. Nowadays, Asset Integrity Management (AIM) implementation becomes compulsory and is dictated by industry as business requirement, and hence is applied by major NOCs/IOCs. Bureau Veritas is one of the international and entrusted Technical Integrity Leading Consultants offering AIM solutions including PIMS.

Pipeline Integrity is the ability of the pipeline asset to perform its desired function effectively and efficiently whilst safeguarding health, safety and environment for the intended service life or more. Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) is the structured methodology whereby ensuring that people, systems, processes and resources which deliver the integrity, are in place, in use and fit for purpose over the whole lifecycle of the pipeline.

what ıs pıpelıne ıntegrıty management system?

Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) is the software system used to manage the pipeline integrity data. The main objectives of PIMS are safety and reliability of pipelines, preventing incidents and maintaining operation license.

Pipeline operators should ensure the safety and reliability of their pipelines as a social accountability. Not only the mechanical condition of the facility must be assured, but the reliable operation, the fulfilment of its delivery obligations, as well as the image and reputation of the operator should also be considered.

Bureau Veritas provides pipeline operators a Pipeline Integrity Total Engineered Solution which means not only the provision of PIMS software system, but also supporting clients through a team of subject matter experts (SME’s) in order to assist them to resolve pipeline integrity issues as per the latest industry codes and best practices.

key benefits

Adopting PIMS will bring the industry latest know-how on Pipeline Integrity Management in order to ensure:

  • Sustainable operation

    of pipeline networks

  • Reduction

    of unplanned shutdowns

  • Minimization of risks

    associated with pipeline operations

  • Maximization of productivity

    along with cost optimization

Bureau Veritas provide pipeline operators with a wide range of technical support such as testing, inspection and certification in addition to pipeline integrity management solutions, including Pipeline Integrity Management.

We develop PIMS documentation hierarchy (policy, strategy, framework, standards, etc.), meanwile, we can also improve the already existed PIM system, by conducting verification audits.  In addition to deployment of advanced PIMS systems and software tools, we can perform advanced NDT and in-line inspections.

Our decision making tools will facilitate collection and analysis of PIM data, which can be further complemented by performing other studies and assessments, such as:

  • Risk Based Inspection, including Inspection Planning
  • Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM)
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
  • Corrosion Risks Assessment & Mitigation Studies
  • Control of Major Accidents Hazards (COMAH)

Bureau Veritas' technical experts can also render technical support to clients for managing the integrity of their pipeline networks by performing full range of technical studies such as:

  • Root Cause Analysis of integrity failures
  • Internal and/or external corrosion mitigation programs evaluation
  • Pipeline condition assessment campaigns
  • Risk assessment and evaluation studies
  • Fitness for Service Assessment Studies
  • Risk Based Inspection studies (RBI)
  • Remaining Life Assessment (RLA) studies
  • Pipeline Replacement Plans