well integrity

Well Integrity Management System

To protect health, safety, environment and assets, well integrity management system is needed, which refers to control of fluids within a well at all times. By this way, loss of containment and accidental fluid movement can be prevented. 

Bureau Veritas Services for Well Integrity Management System

Rig-less Plug & Abandonment, and wells decommissioning

  • Conduct all in-front verification and assessment studies
  • Issue final report with assessment results and recommended execution strategies to P&A with cost impact scenarios 

Inactive wells studies for cost-effective rig-less reactivation solutions

  • Well data verification and cleansing 
  • Risk assess the integrity status of each specific well 
  • Issue final report with integrity assessment results and recommended cost effective solution to reactivate the wells

Building well integrity management systems from scratch including hiring and developing well integrity team

  • Provide technical support to the clients to build their own Well Integrity services, starting from scratch and ending at the point where the client can independently run his own well integrity business

Build clients well integrity organizations

  • Developing well integrity activities for all phases of the well life cycle 
  • Developing the Business Processes, RACI’s and calculating manhours
  • Developing Job descriptions,  and hiring well Integrity teamDeveloping the team skill profiles

Develop and update clients well integrity standards and procedures

  • Review existing standards and procedures and benchmark against worldwide standards and best practice
  • Identify gaps and amend the clients manuals as relevant to their Operations philosophy 

Provide services on well integrity software selection and road map for implementation and enhancement

  • Prepare the business case for WIMS software acquisition 
  • Assist in Well integrity software selection, implementation and enhancement

Provision of well compliance assurance review and verification

  • Conduct compliance assurance review as per the client scope of work
  • Identify business risks and controls, where applicable
  • Assess the adequacy of effectiveness of internal control environment to maximize resource utilization
  • Provide value added recommendations to further enhance the governance and operational processes

Conduct well site physical inspection and examination on well integrity matters

  • Designing and conducting well integrity investigations, RCA, and providing solutions based on the findings 

Provision of well integrity trainings and well integrity lectures

  • Provision of online and onsite well integrity trainings, workshops and seminars

Provision of detailed well integrity risk assessment and design studies for CO2 and CCS projects

  • Support in developing P&A - high level workflow
  • Conduct basis of design study and identification of barriers placement
  • Support to perform detailed Well integrity risk assessment of old operated , and P&A wells, and develop clear monitoring strategies, prior to start up of the CO2 injection project