Drilling and Completion

Drilling and Completion


Over the past 30 of its 190+ years of history, Bureau Veritas has accumulated the data, expertise, QA/QC experience, engineering, and analysis needed to provide your business with the best drilling support service in the Middle East. This wealth of knowledge places us in a unique position to share it with operators, drilling contractors, and vendors by providing detailed and focused training courses based on the DS-1® Standard.

Our educational department offers a variety of schools dedicated to providing a practical, integrated approach to training. One key training we provide is in managing the integrity and performance of downhole drilling tools in any conditions.


  • Familiarity with

    various products, designs, and construction styles.

  • Boost organisational efficiency

    by aligning quality management and core business processes.

  • Achieve continual improvement

    with excellent knowledge of implemented standards and their amendments.

  • Manage risk effectively

    by cultivating risk-based thinking throughout your organisation, with the best rig practices for minimising the risk of failure.

Rig Crew Failure Prevention

The objective of the Rig Crew Failure Prevention training is to promote improvements in rig practices for running, handling, storing and maintaining of rig equipment. The course is directed at all levels from floor hand to rig superintendent. Additionally, specific recommendations may be presented for optimal handling practices for drill pipe with the objective of reducing connection damage and improving drill string performance.

Duration: 1 day

DS-1 Volume 3 and 4

Standard DS-1® is an industry standard that ensures the quality of inspection and qualification work when followed correctly. The 2-day DS-1 Volumes 3 & 4 course will familiarize inspectors and vendor personnel with what’s in the books, how to find the information they need, and why those procedural requirements are important in preventing structural failures.

Duration: 2 days

Advanced Well Completion and Work-over

Discuss and explain the modern completion and work - over engineering and operation for completion, drilling and petroleum engineers.

Duration: 5 days

Well Integrity and Well Surveillance Practices

Address the different techniques and approach for monitoring and managing the well integrity parameters.

Duration: 5 days

Downhole Tubulars and Wellhead Equipment

Define the specs of required tubulars and well head equipment and the methods of running, installing, maintenance and managing their integrity.

Duration: 3 days

Modern Approach in Scale and Asphaltene Management

Identify the techniques of monitoring program and plans along with the technology of treatment and controlling the in-organic scale and organic asphaltenes problems for completion and production engineers.

Duration: 3 days

Best Practice in Well Intervention

Explains the ways of handling and conducting the different well intervention methods in order to enhance the production, performance and safety of the wells.

Duration: 3 days

Rigless and Remedial Techniques

Identify the Rigless techniques along with remedial technology to maintain the well available. Risk and hazards involved will be also discussed to control the well safety.

Duration: 5 days

Well Operation Risk Management

Discuss and identify the risk involved in well completion operation and conducting risk analysis / assessment along with mitigation methods.

Duration: 3 days

Advanced Well Completion Design

Elaborate in details of the techniques and best practices of designing the well completion string components and materials.

Duration: 5 days

Drilling Engineering and Operation Basics

Describe the drilling operation basics including rig components and their functions, drilling practices and approaches, problems encountered during drilling operations.

Duration: 3 days

Artificial Completion

Identify and explain the different methods and selection of the artificial completion technology and methods.

Duration: 5 days

New Approach for Well Casing and Cementing Design

Define in details of casing design methods, problems along with best practices in running the casings. Primary and remedial cement design and applications.

Duration: 3 days

Drilling Bit Technology

Describe the different types of drilling Bits, methods of selection criteria and application along with Bit performance evaluation system.

Duration: 3 days

Drilling Safety 

Identify and discuss the safety rules shall be applied during each phase of drilling operations. It explains the safety of personnel working on the rig and the precautions considered to protect their safety.

Duration: 5 days

Rig Move and Site Preparation Techniques

Discuss the safety and technical requirements to and the standards to be considered before rig move to new locations and preparations the new site before rig move. It highlights on main operation and technical issues in relation to the rig operation and spudding.

Duration: 3 days

Coiled Tubing Completion Operation and Applications

Discuss the coiled tubing operations and functions also it sheds highlights on the applications of coiled tubing for completion strings in terms of integrated completion systems.

Duration: 3 days

Drilling Quality Standards and Drilling Materials Management

Address the standards, processes and procedures to ensure high drilling and completion equipment performance, availability and functionality. How to ensure high quality of the equipment from design, order, manufacturing, delivery and storing. Defines the best handling and running in the field. Failure mode analysis and quality assurance audit.

Duration: 5 days