Drilling and Completion

Drilling and Completion


Over the past 30 of its 190+ years of history, Bureau Veritas has accumulated the data, expertise, QA/QC experience, engineering, and analysis needed to provide your business with the best drilling support service in the Middle East. This wealth of knowledge places us in a unique position to share it with operators, drilling contractors, and vendors by providing detailed and focused training courses based on the DS-1® Standard.

Our educational department offers a variety of schools dedicated to providing a practical, integrated approach to training. One key training we provide is in managing the integrity and performance of downhole drilling tools in any conditions.



We offer the following training classes, which can be further tailored to meet your business’s requirements. For more information, click on the course title.

Fourth Edition School

This three-day course fundamentally changes attendees’ approach to failure prevention by introducing the four volumes of the current DS-1 Standard. By the end of the course, attendees will have accumulated a detailed understanding of manufacturing, design, and inspection of drill pipes and specialty tools.

Distance Learning

For decades the DS-1® Fourth Edition course has been one of the foremost classes in drill string design and failure prevention. We’ve always combined solid engineering experience, an industry-wide knowledge base, and engaging instruction, to provide a superior training experience. We’ve committed ourselves to providing the industry with a distance-learning option for training people to prevent failures.  

Casing Failure Prevention

The best casing design can be subject to failure unless it is correctly specified, adequately inspected, and handled properly.  We have created a casing failure prevention training, that will provide you with the tools you need to assure success before you set your casing. In this two-day course, we will take you beyond design considerations and provide you with the knowledge to dramatically reduce the risk of casing failures and the consequential financial impact.

Volumes 3 & 4 Inspector and Vendor Personnel Certification

Our DS-1 Standard is designed to ensure the quality of inspection and qualification work when it is followed correctly.  This two-day course, based on Volumes 3 & 4 of the standard, covers detailed examination of its contents and is designed to familiarise inspectors and shop technicians with its importance.  Attendees will learn the procedures they contain and the reasons why they are central in preventing the structural failure of drill string components.

Rig Crew Failure Prevention

We have expanded our training spectrum to provide on-site schools for rig crews which are directed at creating high-level understandings of failure prevention techniques applicable in drilling environments.  The four-hour course covers the basic causes of failures in operational conditions, and teaches the crew how to identify key indicators, the consequences of certain actions, and the best rig practices for minimising risk of failure.


  • Familiarity with

    various products, designs, and construction styles.

  • Boost organisational efficiency

    by aligning quality management and core business processes.

  • Achieve continual improvement

    with excellent knowledge of implemented standards and their amendments.

  • Manage risk effectively

    by cultivating risk-based thinking throughout your organisation, with the best rig practices for minimising the risk of failure.