Downstream, Chemicals

Downstream, Chemicals

Your partner during your asset’s entire life cycle

We play a vital role in supporting downstream and chemicals companies in the construction and operation of facilities. We focus on anticipating, reducing and managing risk right from the design stage, ensuring long-term asset integrity. This continues once the facility is in operation, with periodic inspections and non-destructive testing.

We are also involved in your marketing and trading activities through testing the composition and quality of your products via our global network of laboratories, at your sites, your client’s sites, or at ports. 

Your partner in downstream & chemical asset construction and modification

Petrochemicals is a key driver for oil and gas for the next decade, representing a major business opportunity for operators able to expand or diversify. To take advantage of market demand, you need to build efficient new plants that comply with increasingly stringent statutory requirements.

We provide our experience, technical expertise and a dedicated team of experts in the Middle East to bring your projects to life, from conception to delivery. Our range of services helps ensure quality, safety, compliance and performance at all stages of your plant’s construction or modification.

Helping you achieving operational excellence

Long-term success in an increasingly competitive sector requires embedding a culture of operational excellence throughout your business, thus ensuring quality, safety and compliance amidst increasingly complex global supply chains, regulatory pressures and evolving demand and production processes. Industry leaders are increasingly focusing on efficiency and performance as levers for sustainable success. Operational excellence in all areas is a must to remain competitive.

Bureau Veritas offers a single-source solution for achieving sustainable peak performance.

Our partnership approach to asset management helps you optimise cost and create value across your operations. We offer a range of services that improve the reliability and preserve the integrity of all of your chemical assets.

Improving your sustainability performance

The reality of climate change spells significant challenges and opportunities for the downstream and chemical sector. We offer a range of services to help you move towards greater environmental responsibility, including energy management advising and certification and feedstock testing—that help reduce both your environmental impact and operating costs.

Product certification

Expanding into new markets and introducing new chemical products into existing markets requires compliance with relevant directives and regulations. National and international bodies demand certification to these standards to ensure the safety and quality of goods entering the market. Bureau Veritas is one of the world’s leading product certification providers. We provide the following chemical product certifications:

  • Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)
  • Classification, Labeling and Packaging (CLP)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Verification of Conformity (VOC)


  • Driven by a strong purpose

    to preserve people, assets and the environment by identifying, preventing, managing and reducing risks.

  • Help empower and encourage

    your staff to consistently put quality first, mitigate risks, improve performance and ensure your asset/ quality management systems meets international standards and create new value.

  • Address challenges

    in quality, health & safety, environmental protection (QHSE) and social responsibility.

  • Maximise the value

    of your assets whilst complying with regulations and best international practices.