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Solar PV: Why Need an Expert?

Owner's Engineering

A Solar PV asset is easy to accept as bankable when it is developed under supervision of a handful professionals from the same domain, creating confidence among its stakeholders.

The major technical risks associated with a solar PV plant development are summarized/briefed in the following way:

Engineering management (EM): Engineering is the backbone of any assets, especially when the asset life is expected 25 years or more. It starts with project feasibility studies, permitting and approvals, EPC bid support, conceptual & detailed design review, quality plans, etc. and closes with engineering change management, plant handover, etc.

Project management & construction (PMC): This is another critical job for an asset development which includes proper planning and execution from concept to handover of the project with appropriate communication and teams' coordination.  A proper PMC support assuring project risks, expectations and other aspects in due time, ensures the project credibility and project return.

Supply chain management (SCM): Having requisite certification doesn’t confirm the quality of the manufactured product and its delivery at site. A proper experienced management service can support adhering the expected product quality during its complete supply chain from raw materials procurement to manufacturing till logistics and delivery at site. Certain inspections during this phase ensures the product and manufacturer/supplier’s quality.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management: Maintaining quality, health, safety and environment impacts of the project and its personnel during the project development and construction phase is inescapable and not only to enhance but to maintain the project’s credibility.

Down-at-heels asset

May lead to delay in execution, lower quality, higher OPEX, resulting less ROI and losing credibility of the asset.

Expensive asset

Unoptimized management may lead to higher CAPEX leading higher tariffs.

Robust asset

Builds confidence on asset credibility and investment reliability.

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