Solar PV:

Why Need an Expert? 

Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence (TDD) provides the most crucial and comprehensive indicator for an investment as a deal maker or deal breaker for an investor.

For a bankable and reliable renewable energy asset it is imperative to estimate the technical risks associated with the asset based on its severity and likelihood before any financial or commercial investment. In most cases, a full Technical Due Diligence will be requested when M&A and/or debt financing is targeted.

To mitigate investment risks, eventually the investor looks for an independent assessment of the asset for energy production yield, which is directly proportional to the cash inflow/revenue from the investment.

Design plausibility of an asset from electrical, civil and structural point of view and technology of the plant’s key components are crucial parameters to determine the asset integrity.

For an operational asset, it is also very important to know the physical condition of the plant on a long term prospective. This can be assessed either by a visual inspection and analyzing the plant monitoring data collected from the asset owner’s SCADA server.

Correlation between actual performance of the asset and respective contractual (technical) obligation like EPC, O&M and Off-taker contracts provide investors an overview of the risks. In the ideal case, with actual performance of the asset provides investors an overview of the risks. The consultant providing the Technical Due Diligence will additionally point out opportunities to increase the performance of the plant or efficiency of land use to further enhance the ROI.

Risk vs Time

Significant upside impact on ROI with an earlier technical assessment of the asset.

Investment Security

Due to limited upside (high risk), investors put extra layer of protections controlling risks.

Independent and Unbiased

Being independent as service provider and giving unbiased opinions builds TRUST.

Considering GREEN project investment, most of the investors are obliged to provide an impact assessment on environment, social and governance (ESG).

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