Bureau Veritas Biosafety Management System Standard

Biosafety Management System Certification Webinar

Oct. 21 2020

Continue exploring solutions that Bureau Veritas can offer to support your business. Register for our upcoming webinar series that provides guidance on how to fulfill core business responsibilities and how new ways of business can be re-imagined to yield these benefits far into the future.

bıosafety management system certıfıcatıon

Is your workplace ready for the next infectious disease outbreak? Join Bureau Veritas’ Live Webinar on Tuesday, 27 October 2020 at 11:00 AM UAE Time (GMT+4) to know how to place the Biosafety risk awareness and lessons learnt from the current pandemic into a framework that will allow your business to not only be prepared for business continuity, but also a strengthened commitment to a safe working environment and protected client and employee well-being.