Press Release

Bureau Veritas and Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development have meet for future collaboration in Georgia

Apr. 27 2021

Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, and Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia have meet on 7th of April in Georgia with the participation of Minister Natia Turnava and Bureau Veritas Senior Vice President Marcel Hochar. 

The economy of Georgia is an emerging free market economy. The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development is a ministry of the government of Georgia in charge of regulating economic activity in the country, headed by Natia Turnava. The ministry utilizes an effective economic policy and provides incentives for economic growth.

Being a ''Business to Business to Society'' services company, Bureau Veritas' mission is to shape trust between businesses, public authorities and customers. Sustainability is embedded into Bureau Veritas' strategy, entire organisation, and across all businesses. Bureau Veritas is present in Georgia since 2015 and has been supporting clients to sustainably design, build and operate their assets.

Both parties expressed their interest for the sustainable future of Georgia. During the meetinf, the parties discussed the following points:

  • CE marking, quality control and certification of export / import products with the intent of trade facilitation
  • Future collaboration for upcoming renewable energy (hydro, solar and wind) and infrastructure projects in the scope of supervision including ESIA with the intent of sustainable development of Georgian energy plants and infrastructures
  • Laboratory Services through BV laboratory management solutions to support local laboratories with bringing BV expertise and recognition with the intent of economic solution locally instead of sending samples to abroad

At Bureau Verias, we help companies, governments and public authorities reduce their risks in terms of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. We will continue to assist our clients in Georgia throughout the lifetime of their assets, products and infrastructure, helping them assure quality, reduce costs, increase productivity and foster a more responsible and sustainable culture.

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