Supply-r Bureau Veritas


Bureau Veritas 

launches a new solution to

improve supply chain resilience 

Jul. 23 2020

Supply-R enables enhanced responsiveness and reliability of the supply chain

Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services, is launching      Supply-R, a solution designed to meet companies’ new challenges relating to supplier network reliability and ensuring business continuity in all circumstances.

Organizations learned multiple lessons during the first half of 2020 on the resilience of global supply chains and their ability to face disruptions. There is an urgent need from many companies to reassess their supply chain risk, based on factual data from the field, to make sure that all elements are properly addressed, assessed and visible.

Bruno Ferreyra, Executive Vice-President at Bureau Veritas, commented:

"Economic globalization means supply chains include more suppliers and intermediaries than before, and they are scattered around the globe. This makes each step, process and stakeholder in the manufacturing chain harder to track. Our goal is to support businesses, mapping out their supply chains to give them complete control over production.”

Marcel Hochar, Senior Vice President Middle East and Central Asia, added:

“This unprecedented sanitary crisis and the resulting economic difficulties the world is going through has brought disruptions to the supply chain fabric. Our clients need to be re-assured about their trading partners and suppliers’ un-altered ability to deliver in a timely manner and at the desired level of quality. This requires more visibility and control over the resilience of the multiple tiered supply chain players. Bureau Veritas’ Supply-R solution is the answer.”

Supply-R is a unique solution that brings together a customized risk assessment of supply chain, based on field data collected from independent on-site verification of critical suppliers.

All information is collected and consolidated using a digital platform, enabling full visibility, at the level of granularity required to support better business decisions and minimize the risk of shortage.

The solution is flexible and agile, enabling it to efficiently meet the specific needs of different clients and business sectors. It offers a customizable modular structure that addresses critical elements for a resilient supply chain, such as business continuity, technical capabilities, HSE, data integrity & information security and logistic & inventory practices.

Supply-R addresses all industry and services sectors, to help companies to protect business continuity and better manage risks associated with their portfolios of suppliers spread across different geographies.

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