Press Release

Saudi Aramco facilities receive Bureau Veritas' Safeguard Label

Nov. 12 2020

Bureau Veritas, a world leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) services has awarded Safeguard Label to 50 Aramco facilities which include office buildings, schools, public facilities, Leisure center, Restaurants, gyms, library etc. at different locations inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Aramco was successfully able to get the safeguard label for implementing policies and procedures aligned with local regulatory requirements, good hygiene, health and safety practices to cover the risks related to COVID-19.

Safeguard Label is based on series of checklists developed by a Group of Health, Safety and Hygiene Experts based on globally most recognized practices from WHO, ILO, EMA and OSHA. The purpose of Bureau Veritas Safeguard labelization service is to provide an independent assessment of the preventive measures associated to health, safety, hygiene (actions, processes and procedures, systems and controls). On-site audits and inspections have been done in these facilities to ensure that the adequate health, safety and hygiene procedures are very well implemented.

“Aramco’s motive is to make their stakeholders feel ‘Secure and Safe’ while visiting in these facilities and give assurance that the company has taken all the possible measures to keep them safe and run the operations in a risk free environment,” said Bureau Veritas. “Aramco has indeed set an example by being the first in the Oil & Gas Industry to have taken these key steps in Saudi Arabia.”

On this occasion Mr.Hanna Jabbour – The Director of Middle East District (KSA, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria) of Bureau Veritas has said:

To adapt the sanitary crisis, we have developed the ‘’Safeguard’’ label which through it we are having the ability to address the new expectations of our society in terms of Health and Safety. The Health and Safety of clients, consumers and employees have always been core concerns of our company and have now become an absolute priority in this new normal. Without a doubt, this certification process will contribute to implementing the necessary protection, prevention, hygiene and disinfection measures in Aramco’s office premises.

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