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Bureau Veritas has joined Dii Desert Energy as an Associated Partner

Apr. 29 2022

Bureau Veritas has joined Dii Desert Energy as an Associated Partner to drive towards a more sustainable and low carbon future in the Middle East. This collaboration strengthens the position of Bureau Veritas to be thought leader in energy transition in the Middle East.

As the energy transition moves full steam ahead, industry players worldwide continue to invest in cleaner energy sources, with hydrogen among the front runners. For hydrogen to fulfill its potential as a sustainable energy source however, work must be done to secure an emission-free value chain for hydrogen generation, storage, distribution and use. Cooperation among players throughout the chain, such as producers, distributors and technology providers, to design, build and operate the technology, facilities and infrastructure to ensure blue and green hydrogen succeed as sustainable energy sources.

Bureau Veritas is a key player in the energy transition that is present at fundamental stages of the renewable and alternative energy production chain. Thanks to Bureau Veritas’ worldwide network of experts and extensive knowledge of international and local regulations, BV is strategically positioned to support actors across the growing green hydrogen value chain. These players can then effectively support companies’ strategies to reduce their impact on the environment and dependence on brown energies.

An emission-free value chain for hydrogen generation, storage, distribution and use is key to developing a circular economy business model that will positively contribute to the growing challenge of climate change. Bureau Veritas is using its expertise to contribute in securing the entire hydrogen value chain as it is structured and integrated into the industrial production process. BV provides valuable expertise at all stages of project development and production. These services are part of the BV Green Line, a complete portfolio of services and solutions dedicated to sustainability. By developing comprehensive expertise across the hydrogen value chain, Bureau Veritas is ready to support the decarbonization of all sectors of the economy for the benefit of people and the planet.

Dii Desert Energy aims at accelerating the energy transition in desert areas of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in a holistic way, benefitting from the knowledge and expertise from its professional staff and partners, including the top-level Advisory Board. Dii’s team consists of well-respected senior professionals in the international energy industry, with experience in (green) energy system management, projects, finance & investments, regulations and public policy.

Marcel Hochar, Bureau Veritas Senior Vice President, Middle East and Central Asia, said: ‘‘As a Business to Business to Society company, our mission is to shaping a world of trust by ensuring responsible progress. The growth of the hydrogen sector requires trust, not only among the general public and political and economic decision makers, but also those working directly with hydrogen. Our experts have extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of all different types of hydrogen along with their various risks and quality levels. We can support clients in navigating the expanding hydrogen market with expertise in carbon neutrality, environmental responsibility and sustainability. The partnership of Bureau Veritas and Dii Desert Energy is definitely in line with BV commitment to provide services and solutions dedicated to sustainability.’’

Cornelius Matthes, CEO of Dii Desert Energy, commented: ‘‘Bureau Veritas is a global leader in a variety of topics of relevance for Dii's and the MENA Hydrogen Alliance's work along the emission free value chain. We are looking forward to working together with some great people and with some of them there have already been great relations for many years.”

In March 2022, Bureau Veritas and Dii Desert Energy cooperated for multiple events with a strong momentum for the energy transition. Bureau Veritas organized ‘‘Green Electrons and Molecules Shaking Hands to Accelerate Energy Transition’’ in collaboration with Dii Desert Energy on 3rd of March at France Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai. Bureau Veritas hosted the meeting of ‘‘Hydrogen Certification, Transport and Logistic-Infrastructure’’ organized and managed by Dii HyCerTan Working Group. Cornelius Matthes, CEO of Dii Desert Energy had joined the industry roundtable ‘‘Pioneering a Low Carbon Future: What’s Next for the Middle East and North Africa’s Energy Transition’’ organized by Bureau Veritas on 24th of March at France Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai.

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photo credit © NEOM, Saudi Arabia