Food Waste Management System: BV's Whitepaper Available Now

Jul. 18 2022

Bureau Veritas’ white paper, entitled “Food Waste Management System: A Holistic Approach to Reduce Food Loss and Waste” is now available for download. It outlines how Bureau Veritas helps food industry players measure and quantify their waste, implement the right processes and tools to manage and reduce it, and certify their loss and waste reduction.

There is a growing global awareness of the role various industries which should play in environmental protection and social responsibility. The food sector is no exception. Food loss and waste
is becoming a major concern for both food players and consumers, who are increasingly mindful of its environmental and social impact.

Reducing food waste benefits stakeholders throughout the value chain. Farmers and manufacturers can sell more products, while retailers and consumers are not impacted by unsold or uneaten food. Furthermore, with the world’s population predicted to hit 10 billion in 2050, developing sustainable food supply chains can help promote food security.

International governing bodies have acknowledged that mass-scale food loss and waste reduction is crucial. Both the United Nations and the European Union have set goals for halving food loss and waste by 2030 via the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Farm to Fork strategy respectively. To meet these goals, we are seeing consumers and the industry itself adapt and look for ways to change.

But to mitigate the environmental, social and economic impact of the food system, more needs to be done to limit food loss and waste at every stage of the agri-food chain. Bureau Veritas supports the food industry to achieve this objective.

You will learn food loss and waste, the impact of food loss and waste, how to reduce food loss and waste, a 3-step approach for organizations to reduce food waste, why use a management system to reduce waste.

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