Ahmed Elbermbali

Introducing: Ahmed Elbermbali

Can you briefly explain your background?

I am now the Sustainability Market Leader for Bureau Veritas in the Middle East Region. Before joining BV I was:

  • The Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Lead at the UN High-Level Climate Champions team where I led the ZEV portfolio of projects and initiatives for COP27. 
  • Managing Director of the MENA Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) where I led many policy work and research across different sectors including low-carbon hydrogen, energy efficiency, sustainability mobility and energy storage. 
  • An independent consultant supporting international clean tech companies to expand to the GCC region and advising fleet owners and operators on decarbonisation pathways. 

Describe your role at BV?

At BV, I lead the sustainability market across MER. As sustainability market leader my role is to generate interest from existing BV clients, acquire new clients, position BV as a trusted name in the domain in the region and most important educate and empower the BV sales teams across MER to be fully equipped about our sustainability services. 

BV has a very unique positioning in sustainability and my role is to make sure this is fully capitalized. We help clients with different services across their sustainability journey from calculating their carbon footprint, verifying it, verifying their sustainability report, doing ESG assessments, and much more. 

What’s your greatest professional achievement and your biggest challenge?

In regions like the Middle East where policies are top-down and markets are fully driven by the regulations, the role of organization to influence and inform policies is important. I am very proud to have led my policy advocacy efforts to inform and influence some important policies across the Middle East region that sometimes regulated in accelerating of the rollout of some clean energy supporting policies. 

Biggest challenge has always been getting the key decision makers in the region to really believe the risk of climate change on their business and operations. But the good news is that, this is now the norm so not my biggest challenge anymore. 

In your daily work, how do you contribute to Shaping a World of Trust?

BV is all about credibility and trust. In business like we are in where it’s all about data and its credulity, important very critical to maintain the highest level of accuracy and punctuality. This is especially true in new sectors like sustainability where there has been a lot of greenwashing across the globe which has negatively impact many global brands and resulted in losses, BV already has a unique positioning as a trusted partner.