Huda Mady



Can you briefly explain your background?

I am working as HSSE (Health, Security, Safety and the Environment) Manager for Bureau Veritas Saudi Arabia. I have 10 years experience. I am strongly specialized in health and safety, environment management, and I have a strong background with leadership and management. One of my favorite functional areas is the training and development to improve the safety culture within the organization.

Describe your role at BV?

I'm working on demonstrating a strong commitment to the Bureau Veritas' HSSE policies. In addition, I'm leading the development of a project safety program to ensure a safe working environment is established for all of our employees and contractors. Development and delivering safety training programs as appropriate is an essential role for me to keep improving in BV Saudi Arabia. Beside risk prevention management and maintaining HSE performance, I'm also working on designing and maintaining the HSSE management system in Saudi Arabia.

Elaborate an experience in BV that you feel empowered.

The appreciation that I'm receiving from my management on my efforts makes me feel empowered and increases my desire to give more to the organization. Also, the working environment in BV makes me feel comfortable and stable. Moreover, my management is providing me all the training and support that I need to succeed and build an effective HSSE team in BV.

What do you want to advice to other women?

My advises to other women who are working hardly to achieve their goals:

  • Find your passion at work, love what you do and do what you love.

  • Manage your time and prepare for your day a head, don't wait to the last minute to do what you have to do.

  • Don't set yourself up, you are stronger then what you think.

  • Don't look for others support, support yourself and make them want to support you.

  • Always celebrate your success and make your family proud of you.