Introducing: Layla Bangash

Can you briefly explain your background?

Having bachelor’s in business management, I started my career journey as a sales coordinator. Further advancing my career, I did MBA in finance with diversified work experience that has enriched me professionally and equipped me with the traits needed to deal with diverse situations in an innovative, effective, and efficient manner. I am experienced and result-oriented internal audit professional with over six years of experience in finance and account management with an insider view of the core business processes within an organization, risk management procedures, accounting, and internal control systems.

Describe your role at BV?

My journey in BV started in 2020 where I joined as a coordinator for Government Services department. From the very beginning, I was passionate about the background I specialized in, and currently am working as an accountant in BV Bahrain.

Elaborate an experience in BV that you feel empowered.

I feel confident while working on my tasks and enjoy learning and unlocking my potential. The recognition and appreciation I receive from management keep me motivated.

What do you want to advice to other women?

Keep yourself focused. Of course, there will be many bumps along the way, but don’t get distracted by the zigzags in the road. Never stop learning, and always believe in the importance of mentorship, advocacy, and networking to create opportunities and break barriers.