Params K

Introducing: Paramasivam Krishnamoorthy

Can you briefly explain your background?

I have 19+ years of experience in diversified segment of advanced and conventional NDT, inspection, radiation safety, OPEX, CAPEX, net zero, welding inspection, QA / QC, third party inspection, plant shut down & turn around, project management, quality audit, ionization radiation audit and project site audit.

After completion of my Master’s degree in NDT (M-Tech NDT), I worked 2 years in India and 3 years in Middle East as NDT Engineer / QA/QC inspector in various inspection & testing organizations. In 2009, I joined Sievert Group (acquired by Bureau Veritas in 2013) as Technical Manager for Abu Dhabi, then promoted as Advanced NDT Manager for Sievert Group in 2011 and then further promoted as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for Sievert Group (India, Middle East & far East) in 2012. In Dec 2014, I positioned as a Chief Technical Officer for NDT for India, Middle East, Africa and Caspian Sea region.  In addition to my role, from 2017 to 2019 I worked as NDT manager for BV Group (part of GSL TSD team).

In addition to my Master’s degree in NDT, I hold various professional certifications such as ISO 9712 & ASNT Level III in several methods, API certification, AWS-SCWI certification, Certified Lead Auditor, Radiation Safety Officer. I have given presentations related to Advanced NDT & OPEX business (concept, applications, usage, limitations, etc) to various companies, clients as Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Advanced NDT & Inservice Inspection in various countries such as India, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Colombia. I have carried out few research and development projects within BV Group related to advanced NDT and presented technical papers in few international conferences as well.

Describe your role at BV?

Currently,  I am working as Chief Technical Officer for Middle East Operating Group and mainly supporting Middle East teams including overall growth of CAPEX & OPEX projects related to Advanced NDT, implementing new Advanced NDT technologies, handling Advanced NDT related R&D Projects, providing technical guidelines related to OPEX / Advanced NDT business, conducting various technical audits, supporting for big NDT tenders and providing technical support during varies stages of NDT projects. Moreover, I am supporting BV Group as SMEs for NDT and supporting BV Global Ionization Radiation Committee as an IR Auditor as well as supporting Engagement Committee for critical NDT tender reviews.

What’s your greatest professional achievement and your biggest challenge?

In early 2022 with 150+ Trust Makers, we completed Integrity Assessment of an offshore structures project. The project had already delayed and once the project given started, limited days were provided to complete the assessment and every additional work day shall be fall under penalty clause. Although the weather was against us,  we turned the condition into an opportunity. During bad weather days, reporting and documentation had been done and when the weather allowed us,  we had dived in the sea and started the inspection. The project is one of the big pilot projects in BV and we used underwater marinized LRUT collars for subsea piles inspection first time in the region. Including testing of 1,000+ piles using divers and various new technologies, above water and underwater offshore structures inspection had been successfully completed with 331,200+ working man hours and zero accident without any LTE, penalties, or liquidated damages. I was one of the members of site project management of this project. I consider this as a one of my biggest achievement and challenge which I came through recently. 

In your daily work, how do you contribute to Shaping a World of Trust?

I am contributing to Shaping a World of Trust by being a bridge between client and BV in terms of NDT/OPEX technical soundness, providing viable and cost-effective NDT solutions to our clients and helping clients to identify what is the latest and cost-effective solutions for their ongoing issues.