Introducing: Roshni Shah

Can you briefly explain your background?

I come from Kenya and hold an MBA in Finance. I began my career as a Tax Junior with a firm in the U.K., managing portfolios of entrepreneur’s tax returns. I later moved back to Kenya where I worked with a manufacturing company gaining exposure to more finance related responsibilities.

My career with Bureau Veritas began working with the Commodities Division within Middle East. During my years at Bureau Veritas, I have had the opportunity to learn, develop and enhance my career portfolio with the exposure to multiple business lines and areas. This experience has directly resulted in my career advancement to the current executive leadership role I hold today.

Outside of work, I enjoy travelling and seeing new places, spending time with my family and friends as well as taking the much needed ‘ME’ time. I firmly believe that balancing work and personal time are extremely essential and important, it helps keep the mind and body energized, preventing stress, burnout and lethargy. 

I would like to highlight another aspect; Women are moving forward & in a fast direction of bringing change and leading from forefront & taking up positions that they would normally be resisted.

Describe your role at BV?

I am currently managing financial controllership role for Growth Markets within Middle East. In my role, I am involved in creating and implementing financial plans that align with the overall strategic goals of the Middle East Region. This includes forecasting financial performance, developing budgets, and analyzing financial data to identify opportunities for growth and improvement; ensuring financial compliance, cash management and risk management to achieve long-term sustainable growth; managing stakeholder relationships, developing and managing talent. Most importantly Financial Control, one of the 3 absolutes at BV.

Elaborate an experience in BV that you feel empowered.

Being given the autonomy to make decisions and take ownership of responsibilities demonstrates that the organization trusts my capabilities and allows me to exercise my creativity and problem-solving skills, which I found to be extremely empowering.

Being selected to participate in the Women in Leadership Program has contributed significantly to my career & skill development, internal peer networking, exposure to new ideas, career advancement and leadership skills.

What do you want to advice to other women?

Believe in yourself: Confidence is key to success. Believe in your skills and abilities and trust yourself to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Set clear goals: Define your career goals and create a plan to achieve them. Having a clear roadmap can help you stay focused and motivated.