Solar PV:

Why Need an Expert?

Energy Yield Assessment

A bankable energy yield assessment report is one of the primary requirements for project financing. However, it is one of the key risk factors associated with a Solar PV plant’s technical credibility. The amount of energy to be generated by the plant depends on several technical factors such as location, system configuration, technology, O&M activities. Besides these basic technical factors, primary attention should be dedicated on the accuracy/uncertainty associated with the input parameters and numbers estimated for different probability of exceedance levels i.e., P50, P75, P90.

The major technical risks associated with the aforementioned factors are as,

  • Location: Depending upon the location of the plant, the solar irradiance along with other weather data such as temperature, wind flow, rain and shading impact based on nearby objects or horizon impacts the solar energy harnessing.
  • System configuration: The system configuration plays another pivotal role to provide a most realistic and accurate energy prediction. Especially the dc/ac ratio and the system losses such as ohmic wiring losses, auxiliary losses, albedo factor and other simulation losses.
  • Technology track record: Depending on the technology, the performance of the plant will vary among others due to e.g. losses attributed to shortcomings in module quality, inverter efficiency, availability of spare parts during O&M phase, module and plant degradation factors.

  • Operation & Maintenance: An experienced efficient O&M team can increase the plant uptime by deploying sufficient staffs at site, adopting optimized QA/QC processes and maintaining sufficient spare parts.

Over Estimation

Gaps in the actual energy generation will impact financial commitments and reduce plant credibility.

Under Estimation

Lower ROI, lower IRR consequently raise concern on project viability.

Accurate Estimation

Realistic ROI, project credibility, higher brand value, future financing opportunity.

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