Solar PV:

Why Need an Expert?

Technology Review

With the rapid technical advancement in the solar PV industry, it is imperative to get aligned with industry best practices and invest in proven technologies enabling a reliable and sustainable asset operation for 25+ years.

A project related technology review taking also into consideration the environmental & climate conditions, hence is key to allow the longevity and financial viability of a specific solar PV plant.

  • Technology footprint: Being the most critical component in the PV plant, the technology of the solar cells, i.e., C-Si, thin film as well as the design of the PV module, i.e., bifacial, mono-facial, etc. are the most important aspects. The technology footprint of PV inverters designed for string/central/micro configuration, module mounting structures such as fixed/single-axis or double-axis trackers are also subject to technological advancement as per location, project and design suitability.
  • Certifications and approvals: It is very important to check the reliability of a product with its conformity according to most recent industry standards. Keeping in mind that IEC certification tests are carried out on ‘Cherry picked’ products. Hence, with review of the appropriate certificates, a continuous independent quality check on random products coming straight from the production line is also required.
  • Product Market Footprint: Though a product with advanced technology and is certified accomplishing the type of approvals, it is important to carefully review its market footprint to validate its credentials and market acceptance. Taking this into account, relevant product risks may be properly estimated and could hence be mitigated. The strategy of a manufacturer must be deeply considered in respect to warranty periods and spare part management beyond initial procurement.  
Outdated Technology

Unavailability of the spares/replacement of component during plant life cycle will reduce the ROI due to increase in plant downtime.

Premature Technology

Product with small footprint will increase uncertainty about future performance and availability.

Felicitous Technology

Enhancement of plant credibility, confidence on investment, minimum/known risks.

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