Universal Registration Document 2023 cover


Bureau Veritas’ 2023 Universal Registration Document and Integrated Report 

Apr. 30 2024

Bureau Veritas has published 2023 Universal Registration Document and Integrated Report showcasing our ongoing dedication to transparency, excellence and sustainability, the reports include the Annual Financial Report, Board of Directors reports, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments and more.

The Universal Registration Document and Integrated Report go beyond facts and figures to present a holistic insight into our strategy, performance and impact. You’ll learn more about:

  • Bureau Veritas’ LEAP | 28 strategy: A detailed dive into our ambition to deliver a step change in growth and sustainable performance, built around three pillars – Portfolio, Performance and People.
  • Integration of sustainability: An illustration of how our CSR commitments are woven into our strategy and operations, reflecting our mission to Shape a World of Trust.
  • Our commitment to our clients: A reaffirmation of our pledge to be the preferred partner for customers’ excellence and sustainability.

At Bureau Veritas, we stay true to our mission of Shaping a World of Trust by ensuring responsible progress. Through our strategy for growth, continuing innovation and unwavering dedication to our clients and sustainability, we are leading the way toward a more responsible future.

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