Hydrogen Industry:

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May. 26 2022

Bureau Veritas’ support offer ''Hydrogen Industry'' is now available for download. It outlines that how Bureau Veritas acts at all the different phases of the hydrogen life cycle to meet today's energy challenges and society's expectations.

Hydrogen, which has been used for many years, mostly for industrial applications, is gradually becoming a fundamental element of the 21st century.

The hydrogen industry is gradually becoming more structured and developed to offer a replacement solution for fossil fuels. Water electrolysis will soon enable the production of hydrogen with little carbon impact. Associated with renewable electricity, it will even offer a new, totally carbon-free source of energy.

By the end of this decade dedicated to the energy and ecological transition, the hydrogen industry must meet two challenges:

  • Produce hydrogen at competitive cost;
  • Multiply the uses of hydrogen, while controlling the inherent risks

The growth and development  of the hydrogen industry depend upon the trust that future users have in this new source of energy. At Bureau Veritas, we are already working to build this trust with the industry's stakeholders.

Bureau Veritas helps the various stakeholders of the hydrogen industry, both public and private, to design reliable, safe and environmentally-friendly systems, while controlling the associated costs.

Present throughout the value chain of the hydrogen industry  to ensure risk anticipation, Bureau Veritas acts at several level to instil trust in risk control, compliance with regulations, projects and performance.

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