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Rove Hotels is the first Mid-scale brand in Dubai to receive Safeguard Label

Jul. 13 2020

Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services, announces that Rove Hotels is the first mid-scale brand in Dubai to receive its SAFEGUARD Label. This certification means that end customers can be reassured that all operating Rove hotels have full compliance under global safety, hygiene and cleaning requirements.

Bureau Veritas recognizes that a priority for companies of all sizes is to get back to work as quickly as possible and with appropriate health, safety and hygiene conditions for their employees and their clients. “Restart Your Business with BV” is a suite of solutions that aims to support and meet the needs of all sectors of the economy as they restart activity and reopen for business.

SAFEGUARD label is part of “Restart Your Business with BV” program to ensure that health, safety and hygiene procedures put in place for the resumption of activity meet local and international regulations, as well as recognized best practices. Bureau Veritas will grant the SAFEGUARD label through remote and/ or field audits according to checklists developed in collaboration with a Group of Health, Safety and Hygiene Specialists. With the label, Bureau Veritas provide reassurance to end-customers with a dedicated global website showing all the entities which are labeled with Bureau Veritas auditors regarding the preventive measures in place:

Rovers (guests) and the team at Rove Hotels can be assured of the highest hygiene standards after being awarded Bureau Veritas’ Safeguard Label. The award-winning lifestyle hotel brand offering well designed hotels in connected locations is for the traveller who likes to explore without borders, receive fuss-free service and some touches of local culture. Rove Hotels defines a new niche in the ever-evolving global hospitality sector.

Paul Bridger, the Corporate Director for Operations at Dubai-based Rove Hotels, said, “At Rove, the health and safety of our Rovers and Rovesters is our top priority. In current times, it’s even more imperative for all businesses to elevate their hygiene standards. Therefore, Rove is extremely grateful and proud to have received this certification as it gives our stakeholders the peace of mind that we have utilized all possible tools we have to ensure their safety within our hotels.”

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