Countries are increasingly adopting anti-bribery standards, with harsh penalties for non-compliance. Certification to the ISO 37001 standard, an Anti-Bribery Management System, helps companies identify bribery risks, implement proportional controls and monitor their efficacy across an organization. 

The publication of ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS) in 2016, enables organizations to establish procedures identifying and prioritizing the treatment of bribery risks and to train up and maintain the competence of business associates working for and on behalf of the company to do business with integrity.

ISO 37001’s structured approach to identifying, evaluating, analyzing and mitigating bribery risks with appropriate communication, training and procedures brings the standardized model used by other management systems to this important field of enterprise risk.

Bureau Veritas Training’s team of industry experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive training programs using a hands-on approach to instruction. The courses below have fully integrated exercises and /or workshops for students to immediately apply and reinforce ABMS principles.